Top Audience Data Platforms Utilized by Leading Waste Management Companies


What’s the usage of audience data platforms or DMPs among the top 1500 US-based waste management companies? Our team discovered active usage of over 19 different audience data platforms among the companies on the list. The top five platforms by usage are LinkedIn Insights, ZoomInfo, Bizo, Rapleaf, and Adobe.

Top Findings

Only one out of three waste management companies is leveraging a dedicated DMP solution today, indicating a low adoption rate compared to industries like retail.

When compared to global usage, LiveRamp and Oracle DMP hold a 45% market share in this category.

Companies in our sample are primarily focused on understanding their audiences by analyzing website traffic through tools like LinkedIn Insights, ZoomInfo, and extensive use of Facebook Domain Insights.

Waste management companies are leveraging about 35% of the tools available in this category.

Web Analytics Platform Usage

Global Audience Data Platforms Usage Comparison

Below are the global audience data platforms statistics, with over 200,000 companies leveraging DMP tools today across 50+ different platforms. Compare these with the DMP platform usage among waste management companies to see if there are any significant differences. Here are the top 20 technologies across the top few million websites on the Internet. Notably, 57% of companies used one of three choices: LiveRamp (25%), Oracle DMP (20%), and Lotame (12%).

Other Findings

LiveRamp is a prominent leader in its category, yet it ranks only 6th among waste management companies.

Excluding the outliers from ZoomInfo and LinkedIn Insights, the adoption rate of true DMP platforms among waste management companies drops to just 12%. This indicates that the industry is still in the early stages of adopting this technology.

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