iOS & Android Driver App

A driver mobile app that’s easy to use

Any device, any size. The easiest and most user-friendly app for drivers to have everything they need to get the job done.

Why CurbWaste?

Everything your driver needs and depends on.

Build customized pricing for services so you never miss a fee. Capture trip charges, overweights, overloads, bulk and more that will show up on the invoice to be checked and sent. Automate payments with credit cards on file so you charge the customer upon order or service.

Capture notes, photos, and tickets right from the field

Coordinate with customers and the main office right from the mobile app.

Real time notifications and charges

Real time updates so you don’t miss a thing.

Create work orders

Create work orders in seconds, providing all information your team needs to dispatch and send along to your drivers.

No more paperwork

Track your progress and coordinate across the team right from the CurbWaste mobile app. No more paperwork and nonstop phone calls.

Learn to use it in minutes

We co-created the CurbWaste app with our haulers to make it as clear & easy to use as possible. Our belief is that any hauler, regardless of their age, should be able to pick up the app and know what to do.

Why CurbWaste?

Trusted  by some of the fastest growing and most innovative companies in the industry

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Unified Software

Simply integrated with other features

Track Inventory

Have complete real-time visibility on all of your assets. Pay attention to assets days on site and ensure your assets are making you money.

Order Management

Create, track, and manage your orders effortlessly within CurbWaste’s powerful order management platform.

Real Time Dispatch

CurbWaste allows you to manage your fleet in real time. Assign orders via a map view or drop and drag on your project management board, whatever you prefer.

Automated Invoicing

With our QuickBooks integration, process all of your invoices and payments directly within the CurbWaste platform.

Ready to get started?

Meet the team to learn more about why CurbWaste waste management software has become the trusted partner for waste hauling businesses nationally.