A cloud based point of sale system for all your transfer station needs

The only cloud based scale system so you can manage your transfer facility from anywhere. Our integrated system works with 99% of scales on the market and will streamline your tickets like you’ve never seen before.

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WeighWorks gives you everything you need to run your transfer station.

Inbound point of sale

WeighWorks is the only point of sale system that allows you to track all your
inbound and outbound material with an automated payments process. We make
tracking your material easy so you can get customers in and out quickly.

Outbound management

Monitor your outbound material to ensure a source of truth of all material
leaving your facility. Track the gross and tare before it leaves the facility and enter
the actuals once you receive your dump ticket. Track your in house, third party
hauler and dump cost for full transparency.

Automated LEED reporting

Track all your customers material with our integrated LEED report. You will be
able to provide your customers with LEED reporting at the click of a button.
We use weighted averages by material to ensure your reports are
the most accurate.

Reporting and analytics

Create regulatory reports at the click of a button. WeighWorks reporting
allows you to pull orders, inbound tonnage, outbound tonnage, yardage
and more to ensure your office and regulators are in the know.

Automated payments &
Quickbooks integration

We provide a payment terminal so you can take credit card transactions
in real time. You can push all your frequency billing and COD customers
to quickbooks with our QBO integration. Accounting has never been so easy.

Automated billing module

Our billing queue allows you to check all frequency based invoices and post
to be sent to your customers. Invoices have Pay Now functionality so you can
receive payment via credit card or ACH quickly and improve cash flow. Monitor
cash and credit card transactions and keep track of your payments day to day.

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