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CurbWaste for Rolloff Operators

CurbWaste’s all-in-one cloud based platform helps you manage orders, dispatch quickly, track inventory, build customer specific pricing, automate billing, and more - powering you to achieve maximum growth and the best service.

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Order Management

Quick order creation for the best service experience

Add photos, preferred times, notes, special instructions, labels, and more for everything your driver needs to get the job done.


Dispatch done right

Dispatch your fleet the way you want to. CurbWaste offers three dispatch views that allow you to manage your fleet in real time. Assign orders via a map view or drop and drag on your project management board, whatever you prefer. See your days work like never before.

Live Text Notifications

Built in text automation when a driver starts, arrives and completes a job to ensure the customer is always ready.

Inventory Management

Real-Time Inventory Management

Have complete real-time visibility on all of your assets. Pay attention to assets days on site and ensure your assets are making you money. Real time asset visibility for the fast paced hauler.


Quickbooks Integration

Create a new invoice in seconds and have it sync directly with your Quickbooks, automatically. No need for double entry ever again.

Automated Billing

Manage and monitor all the operational workflows to ensure a timely billing and collection process. Turn an hour billing cycle into minutes with simple to use and understand automations that will you give you more time to grow.

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