Top Call Tracking Tools Utilized by Leading Waste Management Companies


How are the top 1,500 waste management companies in the US utilizing call tracking technology? Our research reveals that 12 distinct call tracking tools are actively used among these companies.

Top Findings

Call tracking technology has an adoption rate of 12%, which is relatively low among large and midsize enterprises in our sample of the top 1,500 companies. In the waste management sector, approximately 17% of available solutions are currently being utilized.

Globally, there are over 70 platforms available. In our analysis, CallRail and Google Call Conversion Tracking emerge as the top two solutions used in the waste management industry and on a global scale, across more than 100,000 websites utilizing this technology.

chart - Live Chat Tools Usage by Waste Management companies in the US

Global Call Tracking Tools Usage Comparison

Below is an overview of the global call tracking platform usage across over 100,000 companies. As noted, the usage patterns align with both our industry and global trends. CallRail and Google dominate the market, collectively holding 56% of the share.

Here is a chart showcasing the top 20 call tracking tools used globally:

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