Top Conversion Optimization Platforms Utilized by Leading Waste Management Companies


This category encompasses usage statistics across AB testing, personalization, and conversion optimization platforms. How prevalent is conversion optimization technology among the top 1500 waste management companies? Our team identified 24 different conversion optimization platforms actively used within our sample. Approximately 8% of the companies on our list have implemented and are leveraging this type of technology. Currently, there are 62 AB testing tools and 126 personalization tools available on the market.

Top Findings

Waste management companies are currently utilizing only 24 out of the more than 188 available conversion optimization, A/B testing, and personalization solutions.

This category is among the least utilized on our list, likely due to its complexity and the necessity of hiring additional marketing talent to effectively manage these tools.

Web Analytics Platform Usage

Global Conversion Optimization Platforms
Usage Comparison

Below is an analysis of global conversion optimization platform usage across 250,000 websites that leverage these technologies. This data allows us to compare and see whether waste management companies differ in their use of A/B testing, personalization, and conversion optimization technologies. Here are the top 20 technologies for each category:

Other Findings

Globally, Adobe and Optimizely dominate the A/B testing technology market, collectively holding a 53% market share.

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