Top Email Marketing Tools Utilized by Leading Waste Management Companies


What is the adoption of email marketing platforms among 1500 large and midsize waste management businesses? Our team found that 10 different email marketing platforms are actively used by companies in our sample. Globally, this category is highly diverse, with over 250 platforms available. However, adoption numbers remain relatively low due to significant overlap in email campaign launching capabilities between marketing automation and email platforms.

Top Findings

In this highly diverse category, there are over250 email marketing platforms available. However, out of this vast selection, only a select few (10 platforms) are currently utilized by the companies on our sample list.

MailChimp stands out as the definitive leader in this category. However, due to significant functional overlap with marketing automation platforms, adoption numbers remain lower than expected.

chart - Live Chat Tools Usage by Waste Management companies in the US

Global Email Marketing Tools Usage Comparison

Explore the global email platform trends across over 400,000 tracked websites. Discover how waste management companies stand out in their usage of email marketing technology.

Here are the top 20 technologies commonly used in this sector:

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