Top Retargeting Platforms Utilized by Leading Waste Management Companies


What's the usage of retargeting platforms among the top 1500 waste management companies? Our research has identified the active use of seven distinct retargeting platforms among the top 1500 waste management companies. Notably, some of these companies are leveraging Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) or banner display ad platforms to run their retargeting campaigns from a single tool.

Top Findings

Low adoption rate: Only 25% of waste management companies are utilizing a dedicated retargeting tool. Within our sample, nearly all companies are relying solely on basic Google Retargeting solutions.

Currently, over 60 platforms exist in this category, yet waste management companies are utilizing only about 11% of the available options. This indicates both low diversity and a low adoption rate within the industry.

Web Analytics Platform Usage

Global Retargeting Platforms Usage Comparison

Below are the usage statistics of global retargeting platforms across over 350,000 company websites. Compare these figures to see if waste management companies differ in their choice of retargeting platforms. Here are the top 20 technologies used on the leading websites worldwide:

Other Findings

It's no surprise that Facebook and Google Retargeting are dominating the market, both at the local waste management company level and globally. Together, these two giants generate and control70%+ of all online traffic, providing unparalleled access to ad inventory.

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