Freightliner Roll Off Truck

Quick Definition:

A Freightliner Roll Off Truck is a versatile and heavy-duty vehicle designed for the transportation of large waste containers, typically used in construction, demolition, and waste management industries. These trucks are built on Freightliner's robust chassis, known for their durability and reliability. Equipped with a hydraulic lift system, the roll-off truck can easily load and unload containers of various sizes, making it ideal for hauling bulky debris and recyclable materials.

Freightliner Roll Off Truck

A Freightliner Roll Off Truck is a versatile and heavy-duty vehicle specifically designed for the transportation and handling of large waste containers, often utilized in industries such as construction, demolition, and waste management. Built on Freightliner's robust and reliable chassis, these trucks are renowned for their exceptional durability and performance under demanding conditions. The key feature of a roll-off truck is its hydraulic lift system, which allows for the efficient loading and unloading of containers of various sizes, providing a practical solution for transporting bulky debris, recyclable materials, and other heavy loads. The hydraulic system is designed for smooth and precise operation, enhancing the truck's overall efficiency and reducing downtime.

Freightliner Roll Off Trucks are engineered with advanced safety and driver-assistance technologies, ensuring that operators can perform their tasks with confidence and ease. The spacious and ergonomically designed cabin offers comfort and convenience, while the truck's powerful engine delivers the necessary torque and power for handling heavy loads and navigating challenging terrains. Additionally, Freightliner's commitment to innovation and quality ensures that their roll-off trucks meet stringent environmental and regulatory standards, making them a responsible choice for modern waste management needs.

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Freightliner Roll Off Truck - Technical Specifications:

Chassis and Frame

The Freightliner Roll Off Truck is available in models such as the M2 106 and 114SD, featuring a high-strength steel frame rated at 120,000 psi. The chassis offers multiple wheelbase options ranging from 152" to 300" to suit various applications, with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of up to 60,000 lbs.

Engine and Transmission

Engine options include the Cummins L9 (260-380 HP, 720-1250 lb-ft torque) and the Detroit DD8 (260-350 HP, 660-1050 lb-ft torque), both compliant with EPA 2021 and CARB standards. The truck runs on diesel fuel with tank capacities between 50-100 gallons, available in dual tank configurations. Transmission options include the Allison 3000 RDS with 5th Generation Electronic Controls, ideal for refuse and recycling, and the Eaton Fuller 10, 13, or 18-Speed, available in both manual and automated manual configurations.

Axles and Suspension

The front axle, with a capacity of 12,000-20,000 lbs, is available from Meritor or Detroit. The rear axle, with a tandem capacity of 21,000-46,000 lbs, is also available from Meritor or Detroit. The suspension system includes Taper Leaf Springs for the front (12,000-20,000 lbs) and Airliner® Air Suspension or Hendrickson HN series for the rear (21,000-46,000 lbs).Hydraulic System

The hydraulic roll-off hoist system supports a capacity of 20,000-75,000 lbs, featuring in-cab joystick or remote control for precise operation, powered by a high-capacity hydraulic pump rated for continuous operation.

Braking and Electrical Systems

The truck is equipped with air brakes with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and spring-applied, air-released parking brakes on the rear axles. Optional Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is available. The electrical system includes dual 12V batteries totaling 1900 CCA, an alternator ranging from 160-320 amps, and LED lighting for both exterior and interior, with optional strobe lights for enhanced visibility.

Cab Features and Driver Assistance

The cab is available in Day Cab, Extended Cab, or Crew Cab configurations, designed for ergonomic comfort with high-back seats, an adjustable steering column, and easy-to-reach controls. Driver assistance options include lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and a collision mitigation system. The HVAC system offers climate control with optional auxiliary heating and air conditioning.

Dimensions and Capacities

Overall dimensions depend on wheelbase and body configuration, typically reaching a height of 11-13 feet, adjustable based on suspension and tire size. The truck is compatible with standard 20-40 cubic yard roll-off containers.

Additional Features

Freightliner’s proprietary telematics system provides fleet management and diagnostics capabilities. A wide range of customizable options are available, including body type, paint, and additional accessories to suit specific operational needs.

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