Pac Mac Roll Off Truck

Quick Definition:

A Pac-Mac roll-off truck is a heavy-duty vehicle designed for transporting large containers used in waste management and recycling operations. These trucks are equipped with a hydraulic lift system that allows them to pick up, transport, and drop off roll-off containers of various sizes, making them ideal for handling bulky waste materials. The robust design and efficient operation of Pac-Mac roll-off trucks make them a preferred choice for commercial and industrial waste management tasks. Pac-Mac, a division of Hol-Mac Corporation, specializes in manufacturing these durable and reliable trucks.

Pac Mac Roll Off Truck

Pac-Mac roll-off trucks are designed to handle the demanding needs of the waste management and recycling industries. These trucks are equipped with a robust hydraulic lift system that allows them to efficiently pick up, transport, and drop off large roll-off containers, which are essential for handling bulk waste materials such as construction debris, industrial waste, and large-scale recycling loads.The trucks are engineered for durability and reliability, featuring heavy-duty frames and components that withstand the rigors of frequent use and harsh working environments. Pac-Mac roll-off trucks come with various customizable options, ensuring they meet the specific needs of different operations. The hydraulic system is powerful yet smooth, providing safe and efficient container handling. These trucks are also equipped with advanced safety features, ergonomic controls, and user-friendly interfaces to enhance operator efficiency and comfort.Pac-Mac, a division of Hol-Mac Corporation, is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in manufacturing equipment for the waste and recycling industries. The company prides itself on delivering products that offer superior performance, longevity, and ease of maintenance.

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Specifications of a Pac Mac Roll-Off Truck:


Heavy-duty steel frame for enhanced durability.

Various chassis lengths and configurations available to meet specific operational needs.

Hydraulic System:

High-capacity hydraulic pumps for efficient lift and transport operations.

Smooth and responsive hydraulic controls for precise container handling.

Hydraulic reservoirs with filtration systems to maintain clean hydraulic fluid.

Lift System:

Capable of handling containers of varying lengths and capacities.

Dual hydraulic cylinders for balanced and powerful lifting.

Cable or hook lift options available based on customer preference.

Engine and Transmission:

Equipped with powerful diesel engines to provide sufficient torque and power.

Automatic or manual transmission options for different driving preferences.

Engine and transmission models may vary based on customer specifications.

Safety Features:

Integrated safety interlocks to prevent accidental operation.

Backup cameras and alarms to enhance operator awareness and safety.

Stabilizers and outriggers for additional stability during loading and unloading.

Operator Cab:

Ergonomically designed cab with adjustable seating and controls.

Climate control options for operator comfort in various weather conditions.

Advanced instrument panels with digital displays for monitoring truck performance.

Electrical System:

Robust electrical system with circuit protection to ensure reliable operation.

LED lighting for improved visibility and safety during night operations.

Customization Options:

Multiple container rail systems to accommodate different container designs.

Optional tarping systems for securing loads during transport.

Custom paint and branding options to match company specifications.

Maintenance and Serviceability:

Easy access to engine and hydraulic components for routine maintenance.

Centralized lubrication points to simplify regular servicing.

Comprehensive service manuals and support from Pac-Mac for troubleshooting and repairs.

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